Oscars fail to impress

Awards season came to a ker-thunk last night on the Oscars red carpet.

It was basically a white-wash – which was also a reflection on the nominees and award winners – and we all suffered as a result.

As a whole, the carpet felt tried and true – as reliable as Sofia Vergara in a sparkly and tight gown or Heidi Klum wearing cut-aways – and pretty much just as dull.

Basically, the Brits failed to deliver and most everyone else wore white or cream with sparkles.

Maybe We are too harsh, but We do feel there were better moments, sartorially-speaking, earlier in the season and that this, the final red carpet of the season, lacked imagination, flair and bold fashion statements. Actually, Solange Knowles was there, so we take that last back.

That said, the posts to follow shall pick the best from a not-so-impressive bunch, with a couple of new categories to ensure we squeeze in a nod to the most dashing Bruce getting about, the delectable Dern.

Therefore, here ‘tis, the Oscars Red Carpet: A Crowded Hour Style Review; please, do enjoy.

Images: Vergara and Klum, pictured respectively, at the Vanity Fair and Elton John after parties.

Sofia VergaraHeidi Klum cutaway

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