A hole lot of celebration

There is a saying – a bad one – that any hole is a goal, and it pretty well sums up how we live our lives at Mint Street.

This is the location of the neat pad A Crowded Hour shares with the Great Love (GL) and Great Roommate (GR) and the three of us really love it here.

When We write any hole, however, we don’t mean one in the wall (because there aren’t any; the pad is brand new), we are actually referring to our take on celebrations.

For tonight, when we sat down to a dessert of pancakes in celebration of Pancake Tuesday, we did so because it was an opportunity to turn a mundane Tuesday into an occasion; we held A Pancake Party For Two (the GL was unable to make it) and rang in the evening with an assortment of GR-prepared ‘cakes, slathered with Dear Old Nutella*, buttered with double cream and topped off with caramelised banana.

We held another celebration at the weekend because it was Valentine’s Day (at least We did and the GL and GR acquiesced) and the house overflowed with handmade cards, chocolates and bunches of flowers. It was a day set aside for love and there was no way we were missing such a happy-hearted cause for celebrating.

These more recent celebrations follow right hullabaloos on New Year’s Eve when we celebrated well after the eve and into day one and an exceptional Australia Day when the GR whipped up our home country’s national dessert: that delicious New Zealand dish named for a Russian ballerina.

Admittedly, this evening’s party planning centred squarely upon Us purchasing the ingredients on the promise the GR would prepare the goods. She didn’t disappoint, on any front, and We will retire soon extremely content with the latest Mint Street Celebration.

While we do hear those cynics in our reading midst, who decry Valentine’s Day as a commercial load of tosh, and despise religious celebration, but the latter is certainly not our shtick, and we actually made our Valentine’s Day cards and the flowers were but a couple of quid. So good luck to the profiteers. How else do florists earn a living?

What We are all for, is a spot of good fun, an occasion to break up the week and dessert when we can convince the GR to make it.

And if Valentine’s Day, or Pancake Tuesday, or next month’s International Women’s Day, provides us with cause to celebrate, We will be jumping on board the party train.

*Dear Old Nutella in the cupboard makes Our waistline nervous.


Source: mykitchendiaries.tv


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