Two steps forward, an army drill backward

I am starting to sound like a broken record. And am not willing to take any responsibility for it.

I mentioned this earlier, and only hours later, am at it again: there is a limit on Kim Kardashian West and the fashion handbrake is her.

Her style evolution (face and booty ) has been impressive. She has come a super long way from the days of Paris Hilton ‘stylist’, but as I wrote in my earlier Strong Performers Grammys post, it’s like she can’t quite let go of the girl she used to be.

And that’s the boobs and arse and fanny girl. She glams up and impresses in the couture and absolute high end labels whose doors have been open doors to her since her Kanye union. And she absolutely wows and all-too-often looks an outrageously stunning sight.

But then she goes and shoves her boobs, or her crotch, or her bare and sand-dusted behind right up in our grills.

Like, we had that Vogue cover, which was covered up and almost demure, given what we have come to expect, which she had to follow up with her break the internet attempt in Paper Magazine which was all balls booty/crotch to the wall.

She moves two couture-clad steps forward, 37 bare-assed steps backward.

At the Grammys she wore a goddamn divine coverlet from Jean Paul Gaultier, which didn’t need her boobs and crotch-glipses to be one of the best looks on the carpet (sorry Beyonce, but it’s true). That dress was divine and inspired and she looked spectacular. But still, her boobs.

And then she followed it up with today’s veritable debacle. Wow-sus. Beyonce is back on top.

Take a look below, that’s Kardashian West, in New York, where it’s roughly 3 degrees Celsius, which equates to really bloody cold.

And there she is, taking her tits for a walk as part of her catwalk-is-life routine, looking like a sex-pot army officer. Honestly. Who and what encouraged that?

I don’t know that those pants could have been improved, but maybe one of those high neck, cap sleeved body suits she was prone to wearing over summer and the time of her wedding, would have gone some way toward improving those pants. I say some way, but really mean no way.

I am no stylist or designer, but I do know balance is an important visual aesthetic and this is anything but, she’s all top-heavy and bottom-heavy and busy and distracting at all points – heavy make-up, heavy and overflowing chest, bare midriff, busy waist, big bee-hind, busy print, attention-seeking combat boots and then a big jacket.

The result: badly done and many steps backward.

Kim Kardash combat

Source: Daily Mail




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