Grammys: The Strong Performers

Kim Kardashian West – in John Paul Gaultier. She deserves this accolade. This dress is inspired. It is absolutely exquisite and perhaps the nicest dressing gown I have ever laid eyes on. I love the fabric and the sparkle and the fierce edge. It has it all. The make-up and tan and the lobbed hair (more on this below) are the perfect accompaniments; unfortunately I cannot say the same for her breast and fanny which seem to follow her everywhere. Could she have resisted? Well I checked the catwalk and it was worn this way when it was debuted. It’s just, with Kardashian West, we see those milk jugs and that crotchet on such a regular basis, it would have been more interesting had she elected to put them away for the evening. I feel very strongly that her style revolution has been quite extraordinary and commend Kanye on what he has achieved. But, and it’s actually a really big butt, I feel Kardashian West lets down her side of the bargain by holding tight, and refusing to give up, the only style she knows – the sex. And that’s the shame, my bloggy friends.

Post-script: Well done on the hair. The length extensions have disappeared and apparently it’s a permanent shift and a very sensible decision. If I had one Hollywood hair wish, it’d be to lob off all of those awful long extensions which are being touted by people who should know better. While Lindsay Lohan does not fall into the latter category of knowing better, she falls hair-first into the former category of awful long extensions; girl has ropes glued to her head and glue probably snorted into her head, but that’s another story.

Post-post-script: Beysus got owned by Kanye’s wife.

Miley Cyrus – in Alexandre Vauthier. All black with cut-outs. And I don’t bloody mind it, not at all. A very enjoyable look from Destiny Hope. She plays the game when she needs to. Simple but very interesting; there’s something in the way she holds herself that elevates it, wouldn’t you agree?. Where it falls down is where it reminds me of a Versace. And we all know how I feel about Versace. Did somebody say Klum? A thumbs up, but just the one.

Rita Ora – We actually still don’t know why she is famous. Can someone fill us in? Ora plays a competitive face game, but, each outing. This is a classic example of great balance – between the dark features and the light and bright hair. She rocks it. She also makes me want to get a crop and a bleach. Her dress: thumb up. I really like the collar.

Kim Kardashian West

Miley CyrusRita Ora

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