Grammys: The Best Awards

And wasn’t this an easy choice? That was a question for A Crowded Hour and our scrunchie-clad head is nodding up and down. They went there and they went all the way and it was an absolute fashion knockout. Well done Rihanna and Sia. You two, you’re total gamers.

Rihanna – in Giambattista Valli. Standing ovation where standing ovation is due. Right, take your seat and let’s discuss. Rihanna is Style’s style ambassador. She just gets fashion and she delivers time and again with the red carpet’s most interesting looks. This Grammys effort is not just no exception, it is without exception. She might be sitting on someone’s face and we’d never bloody know. God, I love it. Not in the way, mind you, that I want to model my thirtieth birthday dress on it; I love it in a way that she knocked fashion expectation out of the ball park and elevated what were essentially two things We are against: pink and puff-ball skirts, into something So Much More. Remember Miley Cyrus in the Moschino tee at the Daily Row Fashion Awards last month? She wore a tee and it looked like a tee and she looked completely high-fashion twee. We rolled our eyes. Rihanna, in this divinity, is poking fun at fashion; she is exploring its limits; and she is showing up all but Sia for their high-fashion bore.

Sia – in custom Armani Prive. Good bloody grief. What an outrageously well-tailored, well-styled and killah-posed look. I love everything. Everything. Her partner was the dancer Maddie Ziegler who also performed in Chandelier with Kirsten Wiig during the evening in what was an absolute show-stopper of a performance (watch it here). Sia doesn’t want to be famous in an identifiable way, thus the face cover and back-to-stage performing. So she wore a wig. And it was first-class. And she teamed it with a cape when everyone kind of thought they were done – and just like that, now capes are back in again – and teamed it with the sharpest white-collar situation of the evening (I am staring down every male present) and those phenomenal cigar pants and those divine crisp black heels (which everyone needs a pair of). Breathe, A Crowded Hour. I actually didn’t think I could love a collar situation and tapered pant-heel combination THAT MUCH. But I love it even more. She is a genius and Gaga just sat bolt upright. Were you listening, Gaga? That’s how you do out-there and interesting fashion with relevance.


Sia 2

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