Game on at the Grammys

And now the fun begins.

The stars arrive ready to play at the Grammy Awards and the 57th edition lived up to every high couture expectation held by A Crowded Hour.

Musicians take red carpets to new heights, to place we didn’t even realise we needed to go, and we basically have Rihanna and Sia to thank for that.

As a collective, musicians prove the level of fun and outrageous which can be had on a red carpet while still looking the goods and if I had one fashion wish, it’d be to see more of this willingness to explore on that other carpet, the one belonging to the movie stars who mostly approach their red carpet look as an extension of their serious movie star persona.

The result? Well, you only need to take a look at Reese Witherspoon’s BAFTAs dress to see an example of someone who is all Campaign Oscar and has turned her dress campaign into a veritable drought of fun.

So what were ACH’s key carpet take-aways?

Basically that Rihanna’s red carpet showing proved why she was the deserving recipient of the 2014 Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Icon Award, that Kim Kardashian West can only move two steps forward before she plunges 30-odd-foot back, that relevancy has farewelled Haus Gaga, Sia is Queen and Beysus does not equal Styl-sus.

Right. Now. Ready? Let’s delve in, we’ve already wasted a day. Here goes.

Post-script: I am listening to Beck’s album of the year masterpiece, Morning Phase, because Kanye. You should too. It’s bloody brilliant.

Sia Cover

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