BAFTA: The Best Awards

Amy Adams – in Lanvin. I like it. I really do. It’s her best effort this campaign. In the best colour we have seen her in yet. And that’s crazy talk, because this is white, and is white even really a colour? It’s a big question… let’s return to the fashion. The shape of that dress and that waist detail are just exquisitely paired. The styling is spot on too – would you have gone sleek hair with that dress? I am not sure I would have, and Adams would have lost out as a result. It’s uber-sharp, everything spot on. Well played.

Julianne Moore – Another very interesting neckline game being played by the actress who keeps bringing us Moore. She knows when she is onto a good shape, and just keeps bringing us Moore of it. (It’s so obvious, but it’s still so much fun) The dress. It’s red. And the carpet is red. And her hair is red. Drapes too, I’d imagine. The point is, red on a red carpet is a risky manoeuvre, but I think we can all agree that the dual fabric, crisp lines and deep cut, broken by a collar neck, keep our eyes diverted and minds distracted. She is so very poised, and it’s an attitude befitting that very smart, very sharp dress. Note: great, great platform black heels; super well played.

Amy AdamsJulianne Moore

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