The Red Carpet Rolls On

One night. Two red carpets. E’s Guiliana Rancic spread thin.

Sunday evening was a red carpet reviewer’s frock dream. And we’re about to go there. We’re just going to do it over two nights.

The journey toward Oscar continued at the weekend, pepped by a frivolous side-step by way of the Grammys.

Let’s set the scene.

In a dry, but cold London, the 68th British Academy Film Awards were staged by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, and right across that great nation, the Grammy Awards were held, where the National Academy of Recording Arts recognised artists whom Kanye wouldn’t.

This latter event was the one I would have been at, had I been given a choice.

And going by the BAFTA attendee choices, I believe that’s where they also wanted to be.

Unfortunately, the BAFTA red carpet was overcome with The Bore, while that other red carpet, the one Kanye walked, it was jam-packed with punchy fashion which was so punch-worthy, I have been double-jabbing and right-hooking the hell out of my computer screen all evening. It really was that good. Pow. (I also haven’t written for a while, and am really enjoying it)

So, two red carpets, loads of celebrities and E! Talk’s Guiliana has dropped more kilograms. It must be the stress of supporting those brand new caps which are filling up her mouth. No wonder she can’t eat.

I digress.

To categorise the two carpets, one was extremely dull and presented the perfect example of what can be achieved when one selects boring as their individual dress theme; the other went where it needed and was a buffet of brilliant, interesting and Rihanna. And it was a bloody sight to behold.

Due to limits on time and brain capacity, I am spreading the reviews across two nights. And unfortunately you are going to need to wait until tomorrow (London time) for the headline act.

So please, stay tuned for the BAFTAs in posts to follow, and get yourself on back tomorrow, for when reviewing fun really begins.

Editor’s note: all images sourced from the one-and-only Peace.

Guiliana Grammys

Guiliana Rancic at the Grammys.


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One thought on “The Red Carpet Rolls On

  1. Bec Quin says:

    This photo is actually terrifying. TERRIFYING! She looks like a Bratz doll – her body has shrunk so much it no longer looks appropriate to hold her head.


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