BAFTAs: The Very Sharp Awards

Felicity Jones – she is playing a very interesting game this campaign; one minute we’re stately, prim and proper and the next we’re gothic Western frontier. And now this, I actually don’t know what to label it. Interesting. Let’s start and finishing with interesting. I am interested to look into this. I am interested by the colour selection. The fabric is of interest. Her hair and make-up add an interesting level of depth. Overall, how very interesting.

Romola Garai – I actually like this. This might even be my favourite. Those hues and those shoes are very very pleasing on the eye. I like the texture of the skirt, combined with the eangles in those shoes. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Monica Bellucci – I am partial to this in the same (surprising) was I was partial to Lorelei Linklater at the Critics’ Choice. Bell sleeves are very cool (and Australian brand Ellery is doing some very cool things with this shape), and I like that the bell is repeated in the skirt. All very nice.

Felicity JonesRomola GaraiMonica Bellucci

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