SAG: The Non-Captivating, Very Safe Awards

Reese Witherspoon – in Giorgio Armani. I like her sleeve; I don’t like her strapless. So, depending on which side we sit, it’s either half-okay, or could have been twice as good. You decide. Side note: Witherspoon is playing a safe game (similar to Aniston when she was still gunning for an Oscar nomination); her carpet season would have been so much more interesting had she not been firmly in the running for an Oscar.

Naomi Watts – in Balenciaga. Nice and safe. Is there any more to be said? The colour? Yes, nice and safe. The shape and neckline? Oh yes, nice and safe.

Viola Davis – in Max Mara. Like Witherspoon, I am half on board and just half bored. I feel like I will remember the skirt, but forget I ever saw that top and surely that’s the worst thing you could ever say about a dress.

Reese WitherspoonNaomi WattsViola Davis

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