Style Review: The SAG Awards

The Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. Another night. Another red carpet. Aniston again overlooked.

We watched on for the fashion and unfortunately it lived up to expectation – the reliably interesting looked reliably interesting and the reliably boring looked reliably boring.

For the punting fashion pundit, it was a bookmaker’s worst nightmare as the favourites romped it home.

But, with the TV stars out in force, at least there was diversity and as far as Viola Davis was concerned, a bloody good speech.

So here it is, the 2015 Screen Actors’ Guild Awards ACH Style review. For a change, we’re going to start bottom up.

Note: unless otherwise noted, all images sourced from

The Uh-Oh Awards

Emma Stone – in Dior and a perfect example of everything which is wrong with the short overlaid by sheer length. It is bloody awful. And I love her. So it’s a real shame having to type that. Points though, for continuing a fashion campaign high on unique and very low on boring.

Julia Roberts – in Givenchy. Is that a jumpsuit? I am going to have to squint at my computer and lean in close to the screen to confirm…. And it is. It is a jumpsuit with bondage-esque finishes and it is far from anything I would describe as a fabulous look. Damn.

Rosamund Pike – in Christian Dior. Almost as much as I dislike the short, with long sheer sheath (see Stone) I detest the mullet dress. What a God-awful shape. This whole dress would be improved if you just took a pair of scissors and straightened it up and turned it into a 60s shift. You wouldn’t need to change another thing because her hair is great, her lip done well and those shoes the real deal.

Emma StoneJulia RobertsRosamund Pike

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