SAG: The Oh Yes, Very Good Awards

Julianne Moore – in Givenchy and looking like that dress was made for her. Which it was. The gown is custom and it totally shows. They nailed the fabric selection but whipped it up into a dress which is totally lovely but certainly not as interesting a shape as her Critics’ Choice number

Rashida Jones – in Emanuel Ungaro. A story for you. Jones was told by a red carpet interviewer she had a “nice tan, very tropical”. Jones’ father is one Quincy Jones. If you don’t know who he is, you should, so look him up. Jones’ response: “I mean, you know, I’m ethnic.” Bang. This dress is also a real bang, in a colour clash sense. Others, with less sense of style, would have worn this in a strapless, straight waist, with full skirt spurting forth. Jones, who is displaying some serious fashion sense, picked a good cut (if slightly loose) with the best trim of the evening and also has a Damn Good Fringe. Very much a like from me.

Felicity Jones – in Balenciaga and showing damn good form. Jones is reliable as the day is long (or short depending on where in the world you are reading this) and has managed three very interesting outfits so far this campaign. Each has been a clear win and I believe this her best yet, so a tip of the chapeau to her. I love the neck line of this Balenciaga and thoroughly appreciated it on Sienna Miller late last year (wearing a dress of the same neck in different style). I also like her face; she is giving some real red carpet Wry-Smirk-Face and I think it is a wonderful choice. (Side note: Other killer red carpet faces belong to N’yongo for her I-Am-Having-Fun-Here-Face, Knightley for her Just-You-Try and Slightly-Contemptuous-Faces and Maggie G for her I-May-Well-Be-Mocking-You-Face).

Jennifer Aniston – in vintage Galliano. Helloooo girls. Aniston just keeps gaining red carpet gown and this look is another tick in her box. To be clear, when I typed that, I was very much thinking ‘for her’. This is a very interesting choice for her. That dress is a wonderful shape for her. That colour is great for her. That back v-cut is doing wonders for her. Included here because this is a very strong performance for her.

Julianne MooreRashida JOnesFelicity JonesJennifer Aniston

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