SAG: The Best Performers Award

Absolutely no surprises here.

ACH, as reviewer, favours those actresses who lean toward the unusual and unique and those which have that incredible and enviable ability to Wear The Heck out of clothes.

The three listed below have played an incredible game to date, impressing at the Golden Globes and again the Critics’ Choice Awards and letting no one down with their latest sartorial offering.

Well done to each and thank you for keeping the carpet interesting. 

Lupita Nyong’o – wowing everyone in an Elie Saab gown. I saw the Daily Mail list her amongst their worst dressed and almost choked on my porridge. Honestly. She is exquisite and after a particularly large weekend, I am lost for words. She is wearing the hell out of that dress and it is a hell of a dress, so even more kudos because it is due. The cut of the dress does the fabric every justice (Side note: what comes first, the fabric or the frock?) and Nyong’o is the most perfect lady to take it next level. The neckline is just so bloody lovely; the thickness of the plunge, into that perfect waist band, is inspired. The full skirt, which I support when done well, is done well, if a wee fraction too long. As ever, I am in full support of her hair, makeup and lip selections.

Maggie G – an absolute vision in Thakoon. This my friends, is how you wear crisp white and belt a fashion home run on the red carpet. Not since the infamous Tom Ford cape moment of Gwyneth Paltrow’s red carpet campaign circa 2011 have we seen such a delectable display. She. Just. Nails. Clothes. It’s her body, it’s her ability to pose, it’s her expression and her manner and her attention to detail. Let’s explore the latter. Her earrings and lips are like the perfect flourishes; while not distracting, they are most certainly not subtle; both elements introduce depth, without creating a diversion. To the dress: I am in love with the deep and generous scoop (which has not become a milk bar peep show – more on this shortly) which is intersected by a sheer panel which is just outrageously pleasing to look at. The pleats about the feature piece are divine, and do so well to draw your attention to the main game. The column fit and split are perfect on her length and are the perfect complement to the understated but overwhelmingly interesting neckline. Not with me? I want to run you through a scenario. Let’s consider a) Sharon Stone in this number and b) Kim Kardashian West.

Stone: She would have rocked it body-wise, but she would have teamed it with a set of gawdy silver sparklers weighing down her ears, a red carpet lean bent almost to backwards and a bright red lip. Did someone say Euro?

Kardashian West: It would have been a milk show of the peepiest proportions. The neckline would have been punctuated by two three-quarter crescents bursting forth and pressed into firm circles beneath the sheer component of the dress. Then, she would have split her hair with mathematical precision down the centre, slicked it down and added something to make it shine. Daily Mail would have described her as Grecian and we would have rolled our eyes.

With me now?

Keira Knightley – in Erdem. Again, again I tell you. Fashion knows no limits on Knightley, who is almost single-handedly educating her compatriots on what is actually possible on a red carpet – interesting, unique couture. She is making playing this game fun. The other comment I would like to make while on the unique angle, is the absence of the belly cup and Knightley electing to not play the pregnancy card and denying others who attempt to define her by it. Well, well played. Back to it: I like her in aubergine and I like to say that word, so win on both fronts. I like her in this dress which is like a perfect partnership; the heavy, layered skirt complemented by the soft and exquisitely detailed singlet top. And what detail, indeed – those light straps trailing about her shoulders, off-setting the almost halter of her dress. That is exactly what elevates this dress; that and Knightley herself who is truly a dressmaker’s dream. Also, the gold heels were inspired and her makeup maybe the night’s best.

LupitaMaggie GKeira Knightley

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One thought on “SAG: The Best Performers Award

  1. I always adore Keira and of course LUPITA!!!! (my #1 girl, I can’t say her name without exclamation marks).


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