Fashion now, regret later?

I just stumbled across the strangest celebrity shot and I just had to share it.

It features some heavy-hitters drawn from the Los Angeles A-list scene and was taken at an ostensibly fashionable show, the inaugural The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards

They being Miley Cyrus, designer Jeremy Scott, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kanye West.

The quintuplet of musical and design game-changers (depending on whom you ask) were seated in poll position and brought out the high fashion in honour of the occasion.

They were joined by a hot-bed of their contemporaries, and one can only deduct the evening’s invitation was warmly (and widely) received.

West even spoke at the event, sharing the following pearls of wisdom:

“God is the number one creator. Fashion defines the time.” (I agree with one part of this)

“Not smiling makes me smile.” (I don’t agree with understand any parts of this)

“Everyone is a fashion insider. It’s illegal to be naked.” (I guess, yeah….)

The image struck me as akin to one of those familial moments, captured in time forever, featuring outfits oft wished forgotten forever.

We all have that family shot; that one which features bad fashion, regularly enough bad hair, and at least one sibling suffering through that best-forgotten awkward teenage phase.

Or, we have a solo shot, like the one I found (and promptly hid) of me in awkward pose, an awkward pre-teen, wearing a ‘60s style, stomach knotted, bell-sleeved debacle? It remains a top I cannot believe mum approved and now wish she hadn’t.

While the shot below does not compile family, it does compile some fairly interesting high fashion, which is why I have gone to the trouble of this Friday midday post.

When gazing over each, I cannot help but wonder, how will she, and how will he, feel about their sartorial selections or stylistic phase, one year from hence?

This is not meant to be a post about whether they look ‘good’, because good is subjective and there is nothing wrong with one woman’s bedroom tee becoming another’s awards evening top-let.

My question, then, maybe it is broader, just triggered by the below: Does fashion regret feel the same, even if it cost a lot? Or featured monogram in Cyrus’ case (handbag).

Find out more about the event here.

LA Fashion AWards

Image source: Getty Images


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