Belieb it or not, I do not Belieb it

I have just typed Belieb it three times.

The Baby-Faced Killah made me do it, the Biebs being the new face of Calvin Klein’s 2015 underwear and denim range and his mug frowning out billboards the world over.

Because it was not already. Frowning on billboards the world over. Undeserving of proper sentences.

The campaign features a stooping, ethereal Lara Stone in protection mode and is a throw-back to the well-loved Mossy Moss and Marky Mark version of the 90s.

We have taken our time in preparing this post because we have had more important things to do (watching Real Housewives of Melbourne and ironing work shirts) but in reviewing our earlier draft, realised we actually have nothing much to say.

The campaign has not seen me transferring pounds from the joint account and rushing off to Selfridge’s under the auspices of buying presents for the freshest members of the Coffey clan (like Alexa Chung for AG has).

The Good Biebs would tell me Never Say Never, but really, Baby, there is not a chance of me buying a pair, now, nor ever.

What about you, Dear Readers, are you turned on by the official campaign shot below and considering the purchase of new season Calvins?


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