Knightley nails Critics’ Choice Awards

Fashion high season continues at a rocking pace and I do hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am.

Last week’s Critics’ Choice Awards has me feeling a little on the critical side, but that is their fault – or at least their stylist’s – and I cannot be held to account.

While there was a great deal to rag upon, there were, thankfully, a few improved performances from the recent Globes, and promising signs the best is yet to come as we approach the red carpet to end all carpets: the Oscars (22 February).

But, as much as this night was about honouring the performances, it was really all about the red carpet showdown of the All-American and the Good Samaritan. Can you imagine?! Who won the style award? Well, dear reader, read on.

Post-script: enjoy, and please, let me know your stylish thoughts. All images sourced from



The Critics’ Choice Style Recap

Best Performers Award

Keira Knightley – Bang on in Depolzo. Which is obviously my new favourite label. What a frock. I am very much a fan of her high comfort level, which may actually be an attempt to give her bump a bit of privacy. (Another tick) She looks elegant and interesting and completely herself. And she is wearing the hell out of that frock (Jolie: take note). The dress detail is exquisite, the light lilac colour is breezy and so well dressed up and colour-complemented with those touches of golden zing about the sleeve and across the chest. It is a fascinating dress in its simplicity – Peter Pan collar, loose shirt-styling, drop-waist skirt and train. Knightley has stepped up in a class and that frock is inspired. Again, I also like her lip. Best of the Knight night.

Jennifer Aniston – in Gucci. Hugely impressed with the Little and Long Black Dress Specialist who ran so far wide with this number it was like the sprinter becoming the three-miler. She turned fashion expectation on end and nailed the result. To break this down, I find the cut of that jacket and lapel pretty darn special. I like the deep-V with gold chain combination. It is high sex and I think that was a sensible place for her to go given her ol’ non-mate was set to show. The pants, too, with that crisp front line, prove the limitless value of a good iron (something I preach with hand on heart), they fit like a god damn glove and it is also the first time I have seen a leg cut that long and actually enjoyed it (Rachel Zoe I am glaring at you). The colour – it has to be red, because I detest maroon – is a really nice complement to her glorious Cabo-gained tan and I can practically see my reflection in her hair. All-in-Aniston, a darn good effort for someone who is generally a bit of a red carpet bore. Well done. And while you may not have won the award, you Won where it really mattered.

Andrea Riseborough – in Escada. Do not hate me, but I definitely do not hate it. That sea-foam green is exquisite on her and remarkable in this two-piece, androgynous number. What else is fabulous? Her makeup, her hair, her lip and her skin; all are such perfect complements to that rich, wondrous colour. Maybe the pants are slightly boxy and the fit of the jacket slightly off (it could have done with a cinch about the waist, or a taper about the leg) but none of it ruins what is, for me, a suit that totally rocks. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine red carpet fun.

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One thought on “Knightley nails Critics’ Choice Awards

  1. KLF says:

    Holy shit, can Kiera do no wrong? So happy to see Jen stepping out of black. Although, not a huge fan of that colour or cut. It strikes me as being something off Rachel’s costume rack. Having said that, fuurrrrrkkkkk, she does look like sex. That green though, daaaaammnnnn… I want that in my life. K x


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