Critics’ Choice: The Good Awards

Emily Blunt – in Emilio Pucci. Reviewing this outfit was akin to a pleasant fashion journey for me – the places I started and ended at were at friendly and yet opposite ends of the review. I glazed over at first; I thought it kind of bland with a bad neck. Then, then, after I had actually looked at her in it, I realised she looks amazing. That dress is a cracking shade and a cracking cut and it fits her like a high-fashion glove. I like the detail in the skirt which gently expands into the type of place Jolie’s should have.  Also, the back is all parts of lovely, thanks to that fit and a deep cut. As mentioned, it was the neckline which had me put-out at first. Necklines in that style remind me of a bad pair of bathers Kim Kardashian West would still be wearing (in leopard print) if not for Kanye, but here, due to the thickness of the neck strap and the higher cut of the dress, it all kind of works and looks exquisite. The colour suits her, her makeup is perfect, the earrings and cuffs are fabulous, and I like her soft hair. Well done. Right up there with some of the evening’s best.

Julianne Moore – in Saint Laurent. That column dress is a show-stopper on Moore and the plunge-scoop extremely interesting; it photographs exceptionally well and the sheer is very flattering about her midriff. Aniston also wore Saint Laurent to the Globes and Moore’s number is the clear pick of the pair. You with me? No. Look again; it keeps getting better the Moore you do.

Diane Kruger – in Naeem Khan. This reminds me of that dinner set which every family owns. In a good way. Kruger has gone high comfort sex pot and I am declaring it winner-winner chicken dinner. The fabric is exquisite and the frame at the bottom of the skirt the perfect point on which to end. Typically I am not a fan of the waterfall-back-gush, but it does kind of work on this Khan number. The colours are vivid and striking and if it were not for the lame attempt at hair, it is an absolute win from me.

Michelle Monaghan – in Elie Saab. The best gothic of the night? Moore may have won the gothic round (Monaghan in second, Jones in third) but I think it is fair we hand her a Good Award. It is overall a very pleasant experience and a very flattering number; she looks good. I like the lines across the top and neckline of the underlay. I also just checked out a few more images and it appears the skirt is split and she has donned big knickers beneath. I think I like it even Moore.

emily BluntJulianne Moore

Dianee KrugerMichelle Monaghan

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2 thoughts on “Critics’ Choice: The Good Awards

  1. klfliedner says:

    In defence of Diane’s hair… she alwaysssssss does a super tight back tie do. It’s nice to see it a little looser. Mix it up you know.


  2. klfliedner says:

    Agree re. Emily Blunt. She looks fab, and also, don’t you think she looks chilled. Like, ‘yeah, I want to look like a babe, cos who doesn’t, but I also don’t have to look like the most babin’ babe here, cos you know, I’m comfortable with myself now and know it doesn’t matter THAT much.’


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