Critics’ Choice: Style Improving Awards

Rosamund Pike – in Valentino. She has stepped up a grade in this frock but still has a way to go before we see her cutting some real fashion shapes on the red carpet. I am starting to question whether she is more of a casual fashion Queen compared with Red Carpet Killah. Some are, and before this event, I had Aniston pinned as a better casual type. I digress, the skirt reminds me of a bad set of curtains mum bought, from Spotlight, to decorate our two-shades-of-pink childhood bedroom, except more expensive. Then, that top, all high neck and broad-cut sleeve – kind of like a turtle neck – which does no kinds of wonders for her body. When writing the Golden Globes post on Pike, I started to type about an issue I have with showing my shoulders/neck/chest in certain cuts because when revealed a certain way, they seem to fight the cloth and work against me. I think Pike is having this problem, but does not actually know it. Yet. She needs to read this. She wore a neckline that did not suit her body last week, and in changing it up, has done it but again. The shape of the bodice – high neck and full top do not flatter her. Then, she tops it off with a severe ‘doo and there is nothing to break it up. I am tired.

Felicity Jones – in Dolce and Gabbana. Well helloooo English Rose Goes Gothic. I was not a fan of her sartorial styling at the Globes, and do not love this, but I am warming to her because she is showing a willingness to mix it up. She comes across as a fairly sweet sort, engaging, interested, intelligent, intellectual and her choices so far this campaign have really reflected this. Can’t hate on anyone for being true to self. The skirt is a wee bit shapeless and maybe the bralett a bit too long, but this aside, I appreciate the overlay is not lace and the rope-type straps which decorate it. Well done.

Rosamund PikeFelicity Jones

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