To beard or not to beard?

That was the Great Love’s big question.

I had provided a clear indication (direct answer) as to the path he best trod to remove the pubes sprouting from his chin and the full bush about his neck.

But, he being the Independent he is, he was ever reluctant to do as I say take my advice.

And so he left, beard blowing in the wind, bound for Redchurch Street, a strip located smack-centre in the hipster heartland that is East London.

His appointment was an hour slot, Saturday 1pm, at Murdock London. This institute describes its intent as re-establishing luxury men’s grooming in London and to create a stylish and welcoming haven for the modern gentleman. It does exactly that, with its relaxing leather chairs, available beer and whisky and kindly barbers.

We were meeting post-appointment and so I casually followed him on Hunter wellie’d foot.

I stopped for a coffee at a pop-up single-origin coffee sales van but my pennies fell short of the £2.80 required to purchase a latte in recycled cup and so hurried on to the Murdock window to watch the GL undergo the luxury grooming and wonder at what the barber would ‘doo.

While he was groomed, I browsed the specialty products in the Murdock retail outlet – think beard oil, shaving kits and scented candles – and also killed time reading the following news post from Australian satire website, The Shovel. (Extract shown below)

Taking the time to shave your facial hair is now even more ironic than letting it grow long, it has emerged.

In a statement written on a genuine 1958 Olivetti typewriter, prominent local hipster ‘Robert’ said not having a beard is the new having a beard. “I saw this old guy on the bus the other day without a beard and I thought, ‘That’s hilarious! That’s such a throwback to, like, 2009’ I’ve got to have one. Or, you know, not have one.

“So I removed my beard using a first-release 1980s Remington electric shaver I bought at a garage sale ages ago”.

I wondered then, would the GL arise from beneath the barber’s blade a reluctantly ironic example of hipster progression?

Well, was I ever surprised by the moose heads on the walls. I was also taken aback by the trim the GL’s barber opted for. I had hoped it would be goodbye to the beard, but it was actually hello to his head – the sides were but completely gone.

He did not go the full Obama (see full article at The Shovel) and he did give the barber free reign. A true supporter of quality craft, the GL had said, as he relaxed into the chair, ‘do exactly what you care’.

And so it was that the GL’s barber outsmarted the beard-free hipsters in electing a neat facial trim teamed with a Creative Army Crew. You can see it in the shot I craftily captured directly below. And might even be requesting it in another week or two.

I guess the question really was, to crew or not to crew; what would your barber do?




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