Short Changed Awards

Kate Mara – Ms Mara also wore Miu Miu. You know who else wore Miu Miu? Sienna Miller and Maggie G and they’re sitting very pretty in my best. Receiving the raw end of the mannequin must be tough when your number has some poorly-advised ruffles and a distracting safari-ode about her middle.

Amal Clooney: Damn, damn and high shame. She was my front-runner for a real wow factor and did she deliver? Well, she wore Dior and that should answer your my question. Chez Dior never trills me; to be honest. And I do not think their leading lady Jennifer Lawrence is given the silks she deserves and I just can’t describe this as a fine example of what Clooney can achieve, particularly given her her sartorial feats on boats at the time of her Venice nuptials. But points where points due: her gloves were inspired, her hair to-die and she ‘Je Suis Charlie’d’ on the carpet. She’s also just damn fascinating and we both wear Tatty Devine. So cool. Play on.

Julianne Moore – This Givenchy dress starts in a place I can really get behind, but evolves into a piece that just feathers me up the wrong way. So to speak. Medium points.

Rooney Maraamal clooneyJulianne Moore


One thought on “Short Changed Awards

  1. klfliedner says:

    Amal goes traditional black tie, it was okay. Nothing special. Wish she would have done something with her hair and tied it up or something. But she is awesome. What a truly inspirational lady. Loving her makes George Clooney seem so much more attractive. Hated his contrived speech. Also, lol at him winning that award.

    Rooney’s dress sucked, and got wet at the bottom it would seem. That belt could have went either way. Unfortunately because she doesn’t have a va va voom figure, it went the wring way. Maybe it would help if she just loosened up a little. That dress on Maggie for instance, would have rocked.

    Totally agree with Julianne Moore. What a spunk though. Have you seen Maps to the Stars yet? So fucking weird… in a good way.


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