Just Missed Out on the Best Awards

Keira Knightley – I might be stepping out upon a fashion limb (twig?) here, but I really did like her Chanel; the whole collar through to petticoat and everything in between. And I never like butterflies. Further, full credit for her ability to give serious face and for that eyebrow jack which is so much more up my alley than the stare-down JLo is rightly famous for.

Sophie Hunter – In Erdem. I heard via a friend that Hunter’s fiancé put on a poor display of personality at a recent event and I am trying awful hard to not let that impact my review. It’s not going too, I loved Hunter’s look; it looks exactly like a set of curtains in a friend’s newly decorated house that are seriously cool and which are giving you outrageous amounts of jealousy. She looks amazing. That fabric is also not only a nod to the prolific presence of the Brits on the red carpet, but also a wonderful example of a full skirt at its finest.

Lupita – She rarely puts a fashion foot wrong and definitely sails out front in the hair stakes always. I actually like this Giambattista Valli number on her and think it plays to her incredible strengths – basically an ability to make a flower unravelling look like dress perfection. Well played.

Keira KnightleySophie Hunterlupita


2 thoughts on “Just Missed Out on the Best Awards

  1. klfliedner says:

    Kiera — I loved this too. And yeah, what a surprise cos, butterflies. But that collar, those brows. Nailed it. #unpredictable

    Hunter — What?! What did he do? You have to tell me? That dress… totes boring. #predictable

    Lupita — I like the top half but not a fan of the bottom half. Really appreciated her wearing those sexy glasses on stage. She is a babe. #predictable


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