I am a wee bit bored awards

Alison Williams – In Armani Prive. It is a nice colour and her hair is fairly old Hollywood glam. Which is nice. But have we not trod this fashion path before?

Jennifer Aniston – In Saint Laurent. It is not written on her forehead, but it is written on her dress: I am saving my A-game for where it counts; check back in at the Oscars and excuse me from this fashion recap. Okay then. Done.

Gwyneth Paltrow – In Michael Kors. I can’t help but question is this a trick? Is it to lull us into a false sense of fashion comfort which we will be tipped unceremoniously from once she hits the Oscars carpet in something that ups even that cooler than thou Tom Ford white cape? I don’t know anymore.

Naomi Watts – In Gucci. Despite an inspired teaming of dress yellow and red lip, I’m falling asleep. And I am very anti that belt.

Lena Dunham – In Zac Posen. Her former babysitter by the way. Dunham has delivered an improved showing.

Amy Adams – In Versace. She should have checked with Jessica Chastain first to find out how it is to wear that shade of non-blue blue.

Alison williamsJennifer AnistonGwyneth PaltrowSource: E OnlineLena DunhamAmy adams


3 thoughts on “I am a wee bit bored awards

  1. klfliedner says:

    Further comments:
    — Lupita’s hair is doing good things.
    — Conchita Wurst does J-Lo esque hair/eyes/dress/everything better than J-Lo.
    — Kate Beckinsale’s bun is gross.
    — out of all the Girls… Zosia is my pick. So cute! Her hair is superb too.
    — Diane Kruger is so damn attractive. Wowzers.
    — Have no idea who Julia Goldani is but her platinum blue number was a winner.
    — In a strange way, also loved the spaghetti straps on Michelle Monaghan.
    — Leslie Mann did yellow so much better than Naomi.
    — Felicity Jones and Dakota Johnson were also my favs.


    • Sheena says:

      Wow Flieds. You did good, there. Thank you. So many lines I could go down right now. I pretty much agree with most of what you said in your final throw-down. Those colours on Zosia were exquisite, but would she have been better served in a column skirt as opposed to the full blossom? Diane Kruger: yes and amen to that. Lupita’s hair is always the best. And Dunham’s slick was horrid. Goldani is all kinds of shades of fabulous; there is something exceptionally pleasant about that dress shade and her eye colour and her cutely curled bob. Also, her flat chest is well complemented by that dress neckline. Agree. Unfortunately, I do baulk at your Monaghan comments – something to do with the fit (is it loose?) and the triangle top into spaghetti strap which feels too narrow for her chest. Mann and Watts – I love yellow and I love a bright block dress and I kind of love both of these ladies, but the only thing I particularly enjoyed was the Watts lip to dress colour clash and that was it. Did either nail it? Nope, not on my watch. Jones, hey? I thoroughly did not enjoy this look; all prim and proper and big and dare I say it, a little on the bore side? Admittedly she does not immediately don the ballgown and give it that boring feel that Alison Williams has an incredible knack for, but there was something about the high neck, waist line, skirt movement that just did not tickle my fancy at t’all. And then her hair? Can we stop with the slick, already? She was wearing cool earrings but. Johnson. I kind of felt she was overshadowed by the older and leading ladies who donned the sparkle, I am thinkingg Witherspoon and even Moore. She also gave me totes Zooey Deschanel vibes on the red carpet. What was that about?


  2. klfliedner says:

    Like I said in the last comment. Jennifer wears like same black dress to everything. Agree though, it will just be a nicer black dress for the Oscars. That part in the middle is particularly spewey. Amy. It’s defs lavender right? So disappointed with Naomi. That snake necklace is particularly tacky. Gwyn. You did good gurl. But I kinda don’t know why you’re there. Arn’t you like a lifestyle blogger now? It would be great if Alison William’s wasn’t trying to be such a princess babe all the time, cos like, she’s so damn attractive that it wouldn’t hurt if she messed it all up a bit and got some edge. Imagine if she was wearing Lena’s Posen? That would be awesome. Lena looks good. But hate her hair.


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