Golden night for the Girls and Best Performers

And wasn’t it, but?

Last night’s Golden Globes offered more than just a sartorial nod to women and it was one of the best events yet.

Third time’s a charm hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were perfect at the helm, poking fun at the Sony hack and Amal Clooney’s husband and throwing serious shade Cosby’s way.

Their palatable feminism was backed up by the presenters and winners alike and all-in-all, the evening was a rather enjoyable ride.

In saying that the conversation had moved from how women looked, here follows my fashion recap on exactly that: how the women looked.

In my defence, I want to keep this positive and wherever possible, centred squarely upon the frock.

So here it ’tis, and set to follow across several posts, the A Crowded Hour Golden Globes 2015 Fashion Recap and Fashion Award Winners.

Side note: unless otherwise marked, all images are sourced from

Best Performers

Sienna Miller – My favourite. Plus everyone else’s. She was wearing Miu Miu and nailed every part of it. Miller  has that rare ability of wearing the be-Jesus out of clothes as opposed to being well and truly worn by the clothes. She elevates that dress above the feminine and right into the fabulously unrivalled. Not only was it the night’s best example of a deep V-neck, it also featured the best floral, the best intricate detail, and one of the most refreshing examples of what can be done with a skirt which falls from the waist but beneath which it would be impossible to fit a crouching 12-year-old.

Maggie G – Please note, also in Miu Miu. I find her décolletage breathtakingly sexy and those bodice darts are everything Anne Hathaway’s 2013 Oscars dress was not. The sash waist, the column fit, the hint of pockets (everyone loves a dress pocket) and that champagne/blush shade, combine for a winning formula.

Sienna MillerMaggie G


2 thoughts on “Golden night for the Girls and Best Performers

  1. Kelly says:

    Look, by no means am I a fashion expert. No, of course not. But I do know what I like. This might sound like an obvious thing to say, but it really struck me at this awards red carpet. My favs are so predictable… my loathes, likewise. I tend to go for angles and strange cuts, block colours and strong detail. I also realise (and yes it’s a fault in me) that I find it hard to divorce the dress from the lady who wears it. I love my girls strong and funny and quirky. But, thankfully there are exceptions to the rules.. here goes.

    I totally hate that ridiculous Sienna Millar dress. Everything about it. But then again, I don’t like the whole hippy festival look and to me that flower children pattern and golden blond hair and skin tone lips are a hop skip and a jump away from that. #predictable

    Maggie. Fucking love the shit out of it. That colour, that cut, just above the nip. So hot right now. Pretty chilled makeup with amazing hair. She is legit to die for. #predictable


    • Sheena says:

      Ahh, the Miller controversy. I think she elevates that dress to so much more than her ever-popular boho look. That hair has the right amount of undercut and edge to lift it above the soft, feminine curl; her makeup was a complement to what was the main event: that dress. The back detail was actually exquisite and hers were the best sheer panels in town. The neck detail was also something else – everyone else with a plunging neck just let the cut of it do the talking, whereas Miller’s was teamed with that fab and chunky sparkle detail which, to me, showed it was a considered choice and not just picked for the story it would tell about her bod (a’la JLo).
      Yes – Maggie G – one of my all time favourites. The worst dress moment she has ever encountered was the time brother Jake dated Taylor Swift. And even that was short-lived and didn’t really rub off on her.


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