Easy On the Eye Awards

Hannah Bagshawe – A simple hair of the Gisele style, teamed with a simple dress of the Gisele Oscars style circa 2005. Limelight firmly on her winning husband. A pleasing if plain look.

Kristen Wiig – The casual is elevated by the print. I might regret this later, but for now I kind of do like it.

Reese Witherspoon – In Calvin Klein. Girl did good, not great, but definitely good and yes, better than average.

Livia Firth – In Erdem. There is nothing crisper than a crisp black and white and hers is a very crisp black and white. It also has the refreshing fit of a I-Am-Going-To-Enjoy-The-Menu, which really is a tick to my fashion box. Who doesn’t love being comfortable?

RedmaynesKristen wiigReese WitherspoonLivia Firth


2 thoughts on “Easy On the Eye Awards

  1. klfliedner says:

    Hannah. I just can’t get around that colour. She should of went for a fabric that would compliment her man’s ridic sexy suede coat. Too clashy for me. Maybe some earrings? Something? Also, how many variations of that suede coat does he actually own? Kristen. Wanna like it. Don’t really. But she was great on stage. Funny. Smart. Charismatic. Winner. Reese. Yep. Cool. Next. In the same way that I say that with Jennifer Anniston. Every. Single. Red. Carpet. Livia, babe, love the heavy fabric on you. Good clutch too.


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