Confusion Rising Awards

Claire Danes – In Valentino. I am torn between a head shake and a good old-fashioned head nod. I am as confused as it is. I think the bodice mesh could have been tighter, but I am quite taken by its neck. I am off the eye colour but right on the earrings. The skirt is good, but would it work better as a mini on cocktail night? You tell me.

Emily Blunt – In Michael Kors. This dress is the better-looking cousin of Rosamund Pike’s dress. But still, the fashion strain, it’s not a good one. I do like her earrings.

Jemima Kirke – In Rosie Assoulin. I am going to say that she is supporting a small and boutique designer with a big bank balance and a very sleek Greenwich store with whom she holds a close, personal friendship. As opposed to anything else.

Emma Stone – In Lanvin. I like a fashion risk-taker, always have. And she’s red head so that’s double points from me. But a trumped up bow shading her rump? It’s probably a squinty no from me. In saying that, the fit of those pants is exceptional and that iron line, for a keen ironer, is exquisite. I don’t know anymore. Front good, back bow not so good. Next.


Claire DanesEmily BluntJemima Kirke








emma stone


One thought on “Confusion Rising Awards

  1. klfliedner says:

    Claire Danes. I’m going to support this one. I enjoy the mess. The cut is perfect for her and the pattern is super interesting. He hair and makeup and earrings are bang on. Emily. White isn’t really happening is it? She looks good but it’s just not that interesting. Jemima. Again with the white. I want to like it so bad. But. I don’t. Same with Emma. Everything except the bow. Still, she looks like a flat out fox.


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