A Fast Five

A friend of the Damn Good variety just requested a five fact update on me and my life.

It was in response to a question throw-down I had aimed at her in a frenzy of Facebook Messenger activity and to do her own response justice, I felt a considered response only fair.

In a bid to buy myself some time (and realise a double in my site’s daily visitors) I told her to check in here, in a short half-hour, for her response. 

And just like that, almost an hour later, here it ’tis: five facts on the life and times of SLC of ACH.

1. On January 30 I will have been left home for one year. Time has flown and been so very good to me. When the Leaving Home Anniversary hits I will have visited 15 countries and be about to embark upon my sixteenth trip. You should be jealous.

2. I am a new aunty. And I have bought the newest addition to the Coffey clan a pair of Lounge Pants to match my own. Don’t believe anyone who tells you matching is not cool; they haven’t seen our Lounge Pants.

3. Steve Earle is my new favourite. Beer Songs Best Ofs did him a massive injustice and there is so much more to the Nashville crooner than that song about making moonshine on Copperhead Road. Get yourself Washington Square Serenade and then let’s talk.

4. I am in pursuit of a monogram-able item. It may well be a summer straw hat. I have not told you, but I am in pursuit of a summer straw hat. I may well monogram it.

5. On the last day of our Christmas ski trip (France and country visit #15*) we had centimetre upon glorious, powdery centimetre of fresh-as-can-be snow. And it marked the occasion my snowboarding went next level. Intermediate level. Finally. It had been a long, bruised process, but I arrived. It really is quite difficult being 29 and not very good at something.

And one more for good measure:

6. This morning we heard a bluegrass/folk quartet at our local street food and Instagram photo buffet, Broadway Market, and like the proper and non-time-wasting stalkers the Great Love and I are, we are headed for Finsbury Park ce soir to watch the gents jam. Side note: I shall don comfortable shoes so I can stomp the hell out of my right hoof.

* Do you remember that long-ago time when the ‘#’ symbol was a numerical indicator and not the precursor for a really long list of thrown-together words meant to be humorous or ironic or, when especially well crafted, both? #GodKnowsIDo



Lounge pants


One thought on “A Fast Five

  1. Titfan says:

    Reading your blog is always a pleasure to me, love those lounge pants!


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