And so the adventure and London life (began)

It was a Monday morning and we were returned from a New Year’s and wedding celebrated in New Zealand.

We were brunching in East Lygon, drinking nice coffee and eating perfectly poached eggs. We were on the deck and we were well happy with each other. We were talking about what came next. Dessert and our next trip.

Time spent outside your country always involves some degree of retrospection and, in my case, this trip to Kiwi-A-Go-Go (Wellington and Paraparaumu) had been no different.

At 27 sprightly years, I was in a job and apartment I loved, and happily ensconced in a relationship which had survived a fairly tumultuous period. Nicely settled, I was feeling keenly the pull of a long-held dream.

The GL mentioned the snow. A keen snowboarder, he’d ventured to Kiwi-A-Go-Go previously on a boarding trip and was harbouring hopes of Japan this time around. I was holding hopes for London. He had never been interested. I needed to reframe the offer.

That late morning, over eggs, I suggested Japan Stop 1, London Stop 2.

He parleyed with me, how about overland and I said sold.

Fast-forward 17 months and here we are. In London.

Our trip over here turned about to be a darned good one. We left home in January for Japan and the snow with some fabulous friends. From Japan it was a short flight to China and a stay with more fabulous friends in Shanghai. We also visited Xian before arriving in Beijing. It was here that we boarded the Trans-Siberian, journeying through Mongolia, Siberia and disembarking in Moscow. We hit up St Petersburg, before venturing to Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark.

Now that we’re in London and I look back on it all, we did some fairly interesting things. And I’m keen to, over time, share a few of these with you, thrown in with some local and Western Europeean wanderings. You’ve got it now, right? A Crowded Hour is changing its tune ever so slightly, we’re adding a sightseeing string to our style, celebrity and musings bow.

If history is any indication, I’ll be semi-regular at best, sharing with you some of what we have seen and will see.

There’s a few in the bank, a long weekend in Majorca at the end of this month and America for a wedding at the middle of the next month. Material aplenty.

i hope you do enjoy.

lake baikal

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