Style files: KKW bottoms out

About two years ago I started to, quite casually, keep up with the Kardashians.

It was a casual affair at first, driven by pay TV access, a comfy couch and the desire to not think on a Sunday afternoon.

It began to intensify about the time I watched the oldest Kardashian give birth to her first child. It was intoxicating. It was incredible access. I went back for her second and now eagerly await await the arrival of her third. 

I’ve enjoyed watching the Jenner Jirls grow and the addition of their step-brothers and the lovely-haired blonde, and most definitely have not been a reluctant voyeur to the breakdown of the Kris-Bruce partnership.

Recently, I’ve been hooked by Kim’s image overhaul – the blonde hair, the new face, the couture – and thoroughly enjoyed the unveiling of her wedding dress. (Are we up to one per season since series nine?)

But now, today, I’ve been pushed a turn too far by the newly-dubbed Kim Kardashian West and my feelings, souring, have tumbled in the opposite direction to North.

It wasn’t the show – although I expect the images will turn up there soon enough – but a photo shoot from Mexico which has me at rock bottom.

Captured sunning herself by the pool in a non-relaxed and unnatural-feeling shoot, KKW displayed what she might argue is one of her greatest assets.

And what I might argue is the best, darned flotation device I’ve ever seen.

I’m not about to make a drastic statement and cut ties with the show and family altogether. But I do want to make it clear, this reality star has become unrealistic and dare I say, she’s gone and made an arse of herself.

Can we all just agree, that hers is a bum gone way, way too far?

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

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