Checking in

Today marks the 14th day since my last post. The first rule of blogging is regularity. The second content. I am not sure I am consistent with either. Apologies.

To get myself back into the groove, I thought I’d share with you a few of the thoughts currently flitting through my brain (in short, nothing much at all):

* Is Rachel Zoe over – the fashion stylist and champion of the anorexic-as-fashion look, is she done? Is Kim Kardashian’s bum responsible? 

* How did fashion guru Anna Wintour fool us all? I can’t accept the final word on fashion coming from someone who hasn’t changed her style in 40 years.

* The Queen – she’s making a speech in parliament right now. And I’m streaming live. She arrived in a carriage. What is suspension like? Did she overrule Philip’s request to take the Rolls out for a spin? Does Kate watch from home?

* The GL is home tomorrow. I haven’t seen him for longer than two hours in three weeks.

* Salmon for dinner.

* When will they find Maddie (McCann)?

* Miley Cyrus is a one-woman band bringing back the 80s; I want a leotard.

* Sansa Stark – babe; her character keeps getting better; when will she outwit Littlefinger and stake her claim on the Northern throne?

* Tony Abbott’s daughter Frances, where is she?

* What can I write a novel about?

* How does Desi looks in his Beefeater romper?

* Rihanna rocked the fish net.

* Dublin in three weeks.

* How long until I can buy the Tatty Devine lobster necklace?

* Does my breath smell of coffee?

Leaving you with Mariah in the park, in an evening gown, with living, breathing props, Monroe and Moroccan.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

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