Firecracker Knowles named best dressed MET after party

I’ve watched the Solange Knowles elevator, arm-leg throw-down (see it at a couple of time now and am blown away not by the punches and leg kicks to Jay-Z’s head, while Beyonce stands by calmly, but by that terrific orange dress.

How about the gush and buoyancy of the skirt as the fireball exits the elevator giving off some totally fierce face and terrific orange sheen? Plus those golden-strapped shoes – her look is stunning.

And the shame is, I would have called her best dressed MET after party had I known she was in town and bringing it with her. Full points Solange Knowles. Also, my cousin introduced me to her music, and now I recommend it to you: try her out; Beysus’ little sister is a damn fine musician.

Returning to the video, a couple of thoughts: If you don’t react when your sister kicks the shit out of your husband, you a) know she’s in the right and only doing it because she loves you, or b) she’s can’t handle her alcohol, you’ve seen her lose her cool before and know it’s better not to react. Add in the fact that Beyonce departs in Solange’s car, while Jay-Z is ferried into another, ostensibly to calm her down, and I can’t help but wonder if, c) Solange was in deed all ‘I got yo back Sis’ and Beyonce couldn’t be mad at her for being like that.

Also, let’s discuss for a minute Beyonce’s game-face. She is just bred for her part, isn’t she? The uber-professional who doesn’t react within the elevator and then exits as serene and smug as can be. Blue Ivy’s mother gives absolutely nothing away.

Gosh it’s good gossip, non? What do you think?

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

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One thought on “Firecracker Knowles named best dressed MET after party

  1. Desmond Coffey says:

    Great piece of gossip but the dress is too 80s ra-ra for my taste.


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