MET Gala: In Brief

The annual MET Gala deserves a full post, and I promise it will be with you this evening.

However, in the interests of catering to those in different time zones, please find below my MET Gala: In Brief, hastily prepared in the early hours of a London morn.

Preliminary findings: Rhianna looks amaze-balls. The front, her back, the hair – loved it all.

Best pants look – Cara’s Eyebrows.

First time I have ever seen Alexa Chung look bad – must have been the fear of running into Goop.

Why were Hayden P and Kendall J in attendance?

SJP – best hair.

I liked Posh’s white frock. I didn’t like its zip. Also, why is her hair giving me throw-backs to that relationship-repairing ski trip her and David took post-Rebecca Loos Scandal. Piggyback anyone?

Very impressive Stakes: Maggie G for gown and hair. Love the matching of the Olsen twins – need a photo with a better angle though.

I liked Kim K’s entire look – that belt is fierce, but her dress a size too big; colour divine.

Rita Ora and Kate Upton were amongst the worst of the well-knowns for mine. Obviously Katie Holmes joins that list. I wish Anna had invited Suri instead. 

Please, stay tuned for the full fashion run-down published late this evening, London time.

Image source: Daily Mail

Image source: Daily Mail

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