MET Gala: Fashion Recap

Well, here we go, more than 24 hours post the glorious annual event that is the MET Gala, and I’m about to go live with my fashion recap.

It breaks all blog rules, to post a run-down so far from the actual event, but if truth be known, I wasn’t about to rise at half-five, to knock this out pre-work.

For the uninitiated, the MET Gala is THE annual costume gala and ball event of Anna Wintour, long-running (and if my sentiments be known, the outdated and over-due departed) editor of US fashion bible, VOGUE.

Tickets don’t come cheap and invitations are exclusive. At least they were, until she invited Kim Kardashian to last year’s event and cemented this alliance with a reality cover on a recent VOGUE issue. But I digress.

This post is about the fashion. The celebrity fashion. The celebrities and the A-list designers and the incredible display of red carpet couture. It’s a delirious occasion, the MET Gala is, for a lover of fashion, such as I. And I’m keen to, without further ado and carry-on, share with you, my humble yet opinionated opinions; my views on who nailed it and who clearly missed it; about who battled through, and who improved a notch of two. Ahem: here follows…. 

Best dressed: Maggie Gyllenhaal. For the pattern, for the cut; for the collar, for the hair; for the cool with which she wore it; most especially for the cape. A fabulous, and leading example, of what one can achieve at an event like the MET. It’s about bringing the big-time fashion names, and doing it with flair and a lot of fun. It’s about donning a costume ball gown which is flattering and a neat reflection of one’s style. She totally nailed it. Her hair is blonde and I like her brown. And on this occasion, I don’t even care.

maggie g_go fug yourself

Special mention: Rihanna. I loved Rihanna on first sight. The white against her skin, the midriff – the night’s best – the wrap of the skirt, the sharp ‘I’m here, don’t mess’ shoulder pads, teamed with her ability to give good face and experiment with hair. I can’t say there is one thing about it I don’t like. A very, very close second to Maggie G. Well done Stella McCartney, your best design of the evening.


Worst dressed: I’m going to call a tie between Rita Ora and Kate Upton for their arrival in separate outfits which screeched offensive interpretations of Moulin Rouge and Saloon Girl. Debacles.

Special mention: Elizabeth Olsen, who dressed as a figure skater. I actually think this reflects poorly on her sisters, Mary and Kate and Ashley Olsen. Where were they, when desperately needed?

Rita Ora

Kate Upton

elizabeth olsen

Most improved: Kim Kardashian Outfit 1. As much as I want to hate, I simply can’t. Kanye’s wife looked absolutely exquisite in a midnight blue and black silk flower puff, cinched at the waist with a fierce, studded belt, teamed with strappy, yet economic heels. I loved the stark mix of classic glamour with bold chic. And then she bloody went and changed. She switched to strappier, strappy heels and a smooth silk belt. And she took away the sharp style, which was such a striking antidote to her classically-waved hair. However, full chops to Kardashian for coming such a long way from last year.

Encouragement: Jessica Pare. This is a bit of a fashion limb that I’m out here on. And well this bow may break. Last year she was awful, this year she is better. She’s come a long way. A striking dress, simple and stark hair all bunned atop. You tell me, what do you say?

Kim Kardash Outfit 1

Jessica Pare

Best use of theme: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. They’ve gone all ball room and costume, and what do you know, it’s the damn MET – so where better. Their suits are tailored to perfection and the cuts make them costume. I can’t say I love the makeup, but if the ladies are doing it, why the hell not?

neil patrick harris

Most out of place: Reese Witherspoon and Kendall Jenner are presented as part of a tie. Both first-timers. Both incredibly uncomfortable. Both out of place? Moving on.


And now, for the rest;

LupitaNyong’o: I’ve thought about this long and hard. All day. Do I like it? Yesssss. Do I appreciate the risk? Absolutely. Is it the best of the risky choices? Most definitely. There, that feels better. I do like it; I do like the suggestions that when she moved it would have ruffled and glistened a delicate and enrapturous green. But when she’s stationary and I’m seeing a slip that is shorter than her dress – and this is a look I just can’t – well, I can’t give it the tick I absolutely wanted to. Had that slip been floor length, maybe with a gushing train, she’d be well up there with Maggie G and Rihanna.

Victoria Beckham: She has gone off the boil of late and is selecting style over substance – and in this case the sleek white, while extremely nice, failed to hit the ‘ball’ and ‘costume’ element of the evening. I can’t help but think she’s worn something similar on a trans-Atlantic flight. Also, the full-length zip is a tacky addition to formal wear, same goes for her extensions. I’m getting serious hair vibes reminiscent of the Rebecca Loos-post affair, media period.


vic beck met

vic beckham old hair

Suki Waterhouse: Someone wears it every year; the frou-frou, toilet roll doll dress, in dusky-mushroom pink. And when it doesn’t even look good on a model, no one is left with a hope.

Cara Delevingne: I dunno. I really don’t. Sure, she looks good. It’s neat, the black and white, with the top, the pants, the high-waist and the luscious-locked hair. And her eyebrows, we all love. But do I like it, for a model, for a MET Gala, particularly when she’s always exuding her ‘cool’ self through her fashion, and playing around in photos, and being a dude. Well, do I think it’s a bit lazy? Yeah, I do.

suki waterhouse


Nicole Richie: Really disappointing. I’m really sick of the purple hair. I didn’t like it two months ago and I certainly don’t like it now. Her dress is nice, but I’m accustomed to more from Richie. It kind of feels washed-out; like her effort leaked out and left behind those sheer panels. But still she thought ’twill do.

Emma Stone: I really like; I like the clashing colours, the rough and tousled hair; but is it enough? Is it ball-worthy? Could she wear her top to a Sunday AM yoga class? If this is a relevant question, we’ve damn well missed a beat. particularly when over the course of her recent Spiderman press tour, we came to expect so much more.


Emma Stone

Beyonce Knowles: And her bum. Beyonce bared her bum. We all know Beyonce has a brilliant bum. We all see it, all the time. And we like to see it, we really do. But on every occasion? On this particular occasion? Did it come across as a little try for you? Admittedly, the glisten of the jewels and the wee hair net, were impressive, but I crack, well, I crack at her bum crack.

Taylor Swift: In Oscar de la Renta. Swifty kills me. She’s 24 years old, she’s sold a gazillion records and earned near enough the same. She’s killing it. And yet every time I look at her on the red carpet, I see a vulnerable, willowy, little miss. Someone who isn’t resilient, or strong, or determined, or all that capable. I see love hearts, and doe eyes, and girl shit back stage. And that annoys me. Also her dress doesn’t fit properly. That annoys me too.

Gisele Bundchen: She is so damn smug and thanks to her Instagram, I can’t see past it anymore. Instead of thinking, ‘she looks lovely, nice dress, goddamn amazing hair and a stomach which is actually longer than my left leg’, I see, smug, pretentious yoga-posing, perfect mother. And I don’t want to. I’d prefer to see Brazilian goddess in a bikini on a beach. But she’s done that to me. Her social media has ruined her for me. God damn.


Blake Lively: Her dress is the perfect example of how irrelevant Mrs Reynolds has become. Nothing new here; nothing to see; we’ve rolled out a red carpet looked from 2009, patched on a cape and brought out the waved side curls. Yawn.

Lily Aldridge: I don’t actually know who she is, but I love what she’s about. Her silver gown is exquisite, and so is her face and her hair. I really like. Right up there with my favourites.

Sarah Jessica Parker: MET co-chair and did she ever bring it. It’s brilliant. It’s such a fabulous and extravagant ball gown and no one there would have worn it better. She also had killer hair – my night’s best – and a set of damn fine yellow satin heels. All class.

Lily Aldridge


Katie Holmes: They should have invited Suri.

Michelle Williams: Lazy.

katie holmes

michelle williams

Lena Dunham: No. I want to like what she wears. But I don’t. I never really do. Her though, I really do like.

Alexa Chung: For the first time ever, I actually don’t like what she’s wearing. Was it the fear of Goop which threw her impeccable style scent? She needn’t have feared, Gwyneth Paltrow stayed away this year.

Kristen Stewart: A long fall from last year’s maroon, silken jumpsuit, display of pure punk grace. I find myself feeling very confused with this year’s spiky, layered mess.


Alexa Chung


And there it is. The MET recap 2014. I do hope you enjoyed. I’m pooped and off to bed. Night. x

Footnote: The majority of the images shown above were pulled from Daily Mail’s extensive recap. I thoroughly recommend it on each and every red carpet occasion. 

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One thought on “MET Gala: Fashion Recap

  1. Desmond Coffey says:

    Emma Stone – yes that does look like a top you could wear to yoga! Great call.
    Your succinct review of Michelle Williams was spot on too.


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