Hince’s big night out

Well, actually, it was Kate Moss’ big night out and we all know she’s been there.

The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince was captured on his way home from his wife’s Topshop collection launch party looking a wee bit worse for wear.

You know the feeling, don’t you? Bleary-eyed, blurred vision; clothes askew and sweat imbued; breath bad and about to be made worse by One Last Smoke; clutching and clumsy fingers probing a squashed pack; lifting one to lips and failing in every attempt to light the damned durrie. And then, the concerned, cross-eyed glance, before ‘lo and behold, the damned drunken mistake.

And then Hince’s wife Kate Moss gets in the car. And he laughs to himself all the way home.

hinge's big night out


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