You Can’t Buy Style: The Johnny Depp Edition

Why stop with Clarkson (see post below), when Johnny ‘We Are You’ Depp is doing a damn good job of embarrassing his children forever, every time he steps out of the house?

Case in point: the father of two stepped out with 28-year-old fiancee, Amber Heard, in New York last night wearing torn, 90s style denim jeans, with a STICKER NEAR THE KNEE and fitting too loosely around the leg (and looking suspiciously like they’d been ripped for the benefit of his SQUARE-TOED and scuffed black boots or the Docs he was wearing earlier….) This trouser debacle was paired with zip-up, badly reflecting, brown leather jacket and an over-zealous white collared shirt. He accessorised with too many necklaces, tinted glasses and a holed Fedora.

Did someone just say you can’t buy style?

I’d actually prefer a Tom Cruise-turtleneck-blazer get-up than that shown below.

J.Depp is out of touch and if the reviews and ticket sales for his latest work, Transcendence, are anything to go by, the public knows it. When will Heard catch on?


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