Taylor, is she equal to Anne?

Does anyone else get the feeling  Taylor Swift’s popularity is headed the direction of Anne Hathaway’s?

I find her grey-blonde hair, her cat eyes, her carefully planned waves, her red lipstick and her poise exceptionally annoying and extremely difficult to enjoy.

Kinda like Anne and her over-eager Oscars teeth, her short hair and those nipples.

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One thought on “Taylor, is she equal to Anne?

  1. KLF says:

    Okay okay okay… just gunna say. Taytay is soooooo much more of a downer than AHath! Common! I know AHath has been loathed for some time but I kinda like her daggyness and man that must be tough being told repeatedly that you’re the most annoying celebrity in the world… But at least she’s nice and smiles at the camera. Taytay on the other hand comes across as such a biatch, ice queen… what with all those eye rolls and lip sinked “fuck off”s at ex boyfriends receiving awards… Kanye was hella right! She’s the worst.


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