Better late than never: The Emmys Red Carpet

In one word: disappointing.

In numerous bulletin points:

  • Bad bob.
  • Kiernan Shipka, when allowing for her Age 14 Years Handicap, was probably best dressed. In a bad field.
  • Column dresses are universally bad – block in colour, bad in fit, ridiculous in skirt
  • Allison Williams (Girls) doesn’t have style
  • Julie Bowen is reliable like clockwork. This time with ruffles.
  • Rose Byrne – I get a strong sense that she isn’t the person she either thinks, or presents, to be – is she more Nicole Kidman than Julia Stone? I think so.
  • Has Kelly Osborne put on weight? And why is her hair still purple?
  • I’m pale. I don’t wear mushroom. Why hasn’t January Jones received this memo?
  • I’m sick of Christina Hendricks’ curves
  • Lena Dunham looked like she had something hiding in her skirt. She is also a living example as to why tattoos are something you will regret.
  • Ireland Baldwin exemplifies everything that is wrong with the youth of today
  • Paula Abdul?
  • Elisabeth Moss has nailed a bad look. A compliment of sorts. I like her hair.
  • Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) best sheer
Image from

Image from

*I took in the Daily Mail picture galleries.


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