Give me strength

Kim Kardashian’s trainer – note, trainer – says the reason she’s looking so damn good post-birth is not in fact, due to a weight loss and training regimen.

Celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, said to E! recently: “She’s a gorgeous woman. I think the reason why the weight is coming off is because she’s very connected.”

Yep, that’s right, being “connected” with a baby is the fame-hungry, control freak’s secret to weight loss.

My eyes just rolled so far back in my head I had to fish one out.

How about: having a night nanny, a morning nanny and a baby assistant for the afternoon shift; a personal chef who, while only in-house three days a week, prepares ready-made and calorie-counted meals for reheating and dressing on the days she/he is not in; and a personal trainer to take her through her paces on average two hours daily?

The above, well this is what I believe to be the secret – or in other words, hard physical exercise counterbalanced with signing a cheque to cover off broken sleep, food preparation, the weekly shop, mundane chores, assistance getting the baby seat in the car, and a personal assistant to answer the phone and respond to email.

Post-script: I have missed her. When will she be back, and bring North with her?




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