Getting out in exercise wear

Exercise gear. When was the last time you wore it out and about?

I actually wore it this morning. While running. And sweat in it. After three days straight of the same, it smells. Each piece of it.

I then returned home, had a shower, and got dressed for the working day. On my way to work, I passed countless – actually, four – women donning exercise gear while conducting their day-to-day. There they were, up the street, buying coffee, eating breakfast. At lunchtime more still: shopping for groceries, ducking past the bank, chatting with friends.

Encased in lycra and other fabrics similar to. Women. Everywhere. In zip-up and breathe-easy sweat shirts, crop tops and racer backs. Teamed with flashy Nikes, crisp whites, clean and bright.

They looked good. And from where I sat, smell certainly was not a problem.

I wanted to be a part of it. This morning. At the weekend. Last week. All the time.

But taking exercise gear from exactly that and into street wear, has not been a move I have been able to achieve. While some would argue anyone can look good in a decent pair of sports-branded lycra pant, I believe my bottom proves this claim a lie.

I’ve bought lycra and I wear it regularly. Just to exercise is all. I may pride myself on being a fashion visionary (another post, another time) and stepping before the pack, but on this, I’m lengths behind and slowing still.

I’ve tried, gallantly, to don exercise as outer, but I don’t look good and there’s that odour issue. When one wears exercise gear to do exactly that, what do they wear when out and about? Is it a case of multiple options and my needing to hit up LuluLemon at Highpoint to resolve the situation? Is navigating the carpark the only thing standing between myself and a comfortable weekend coffee excursion?

This comfort thing is interesting. How long have we been told one must suffer for their fashion, and yet everywhere I turn these days, I’m faced with the very flexible fact that fashion can be exactly that.

But, after trying solidly – at the supermarket, at Baby Bunting, on a coffee run – I’ve determined I must bow out. One’s strength in fashion is often linked to knowing where one can fly, but also where limits lie.

I know I can wear a high waist. Not all can. But lycra while drinking coffee, I definitely cannot do. The exercise as outer wear race is not one I’ll win. So I’ll opt for comfort for my run, for flex and breathability. And when I coffee, I’ll don denim or dress, stocking and boot. I may be envious yet, but I’ll look right just looking like me.

And please, don’t laugh at my arse if you see me running Princes Park.

kimberly stewart




One thought on “Getting out in exercise wear

  1. KLF says:

    Seriously, who are these bitches? Put some actual clothes on leave the Lycra for the track.

    Full disclousure… I ran this morning for the third day in a row in the same clothes. Due for a wash, me thinks.


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