Alexandra out in front

The royal baby name market is an interesting thing. The world has managed to commodify a baby’s moniker and I am all but captivated.

This afternoon, having missed the early bird, I finally lobbed $5 on Alexandra (girl) at very short odds.

The last few hours, sitting home and lonely, I’ve looked further into the market and tried to tick off the origin of a handful of market leaders. 

It’s no secret the name will be conservative; ’twill be proper and be picked from the family tree. It will also contain, particularly if female, the option for a quaint, familiar shorten – think Charlotte is Lotte, Cecilia (Cecilia Underwood, first Duchess of Inverness) wee Cissy, Amelia of course is Milly.

I find myself convinced she will be a girl.

Up until just shy of three hours ago I was sure ‘twould wake to an Alexandra – we’ll call her Lexi. When coupled with the flip-version Alexander, this moniker will mark repetition of that of the heir apparent to the Dukedom of Gloucester and a person I have determined to be the second cousin of The Queen (Lexi’s fifth). Also, Alexandra belongs to Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy who has the quant honour of being the youngest granddaughter of George V.

George. Elizabeth. Victoria. Their origins we know.

Should she be an Arthur or Albert, the lineage is quite clear – Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha wed Queen Victoria (his first cousin) in 1839 and at their seventh successful attempt, Albert sired Arthur. Dear Prince Henry, more commonly known as ball-cupping Prince Harry, was christened Henry Charles Albert David. And no, no future monarch will be named after an endearing uncle with many a scandal in him yet.

As an aside the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha became that of Windsor. It switched in 1917 due to high levels of anti-German sentiment during World War I. George V, grandson of the aforementioned Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and grandfather of Princess Alexandra, was also father to the dearly departed Queen Mother, the very mother to The Queen.

Back to it: Louis reveals itself within dear old grandpops’ tree, with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, having on his maternal side, a grandfather by the name of Louis Mountbatten.

And then we have Frances – this was Diana’s middle name. Amelia? Well Lady Amelia Windsor is the granddaughter of the Duke of Kent and the delightful Duchess of Kent (she’s been very good for gossip these years past) and great great granddaughter of George V. Charlotte? Princess Charlotte was born to George III – two before George V and the launch of House of Windsor – in 1766. It might just be time for another.

Oh, and Alice, Alice became a princess after she married George V’s third son, Prince Henry the Duke of Gloucester, in 1835. Her niece, well that’s Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, youngest granddaughter to George V.

It’s kind of exhausting. Then again, it’s now 10:37pm which marks a good hour depart from my typical bed time and my eyes are wide awake. I’ve waited this long for the royal child, I have a night in me yet.

keep calm and baby on

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