Happy Me Day

On Mother’s Day of recent German supermodel Heidi Klum thanked her children and personal trainer  boyfriend for the best mother’s day ever by tweeting the below shot of herself.

It’s an interesting angle of the self to showcase on Mother’s Day. A very flattering self. With a very even tan. I wonder if the kids’ toys are on purpose in the background, demanded by Klum of the photographer who meekly manoeuvred themselves to incorporate a reminder those abs follow the arrival of a fourth child.

A lilo and blow-up ball aside, this shot doesn’t say mother to me at all. But it was wrapped up in a tweet about her perfect mother’s day, so I’m calling the supermodel on her super snap and am proposing a new tweet: @HideeKlumSuperModel ‘I’m 40 in June, I’ve had 4 kids, I’m rich and hot. How about you? #gotitmade



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