The poor woman’s Naomi Watts

Halle Berry. Salma Hayek. Sandra Bullock. Stacy Keibler.

This last – that was actually hard to type. She’s really made it in the fashion stakes. Let me remind you, Keibler is a former wrestler. Who would have thought she’d make it this far?

These ladies fall into Band one: a poor woman’s Naomi Watts.

They look good. Very very good. But they haven’t nailed it like Watts.

Band two? This is where Catherine Zeta-Jones come into play, before we skip number three and slot in Nicole Kidman and Jessica Chastain at number four. They’re good. Pretty good. Not great.

By the time we arrive at band five, the spot-on is long gone and we’re hitting the cringe and question of Amanda Seyfried and Kristin Stewart – both terrible, both sparkly, both getting worn by their dress and Amanda Seyfried in particular, wearing a neckline which should be confined to the side of a pool, I’m seeing cotton sarong, tied in a way I’d never know how.

What do you think?

halle berrysalma hayeksandra bullockstacy keibler

catherine zeta jones

jessica chastainnicole kidman

amanda seyfriedkristin stewart


4 thoughts on “The poor woman’s Naomi Watts

  1. Kelly says:

    …also is Kristen Stewart for real? I know the whole wild rock ‘who gives a fuck’ thing is her look BUT come on, she looks like she has the flu. Get that women to a hospital stat and pump her full of fluids.


  2. Kelly says:

    Okay, so I don’t want to annoy you and comment on everything but have to disagree here Jessica Chastain looked amazing! She and Jane Fonda were my favs 🙂


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