Madge who?

Was it really only a year ago that Madonna was asked to take centre stage for the Super Bowl Show?

Knowing Madge – exactly the way I don’t – I expect 34 seconds into Beyonce’s show, she had all televisions ripped from the walls of her house, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child banned from playlists and her darker-skinned children returned.

Beyonce was amazing. She owned that stage. She knocked the socks off all who came to do her job before and clearly stole the show from the people it was actually designed around: the grid-ironists, I believe is the term.

But really, who scares for sport when you’ve got Beyonce?

To boil the show down, for about 15 minutes, Beyonce sang and she danced. She was fierce and she owned the stage. In the final stages before she appeared, a voice declared, “excellence must be pursued…” This is what she did. This is what she always does and this is why she is at the top of her game.

Sure there was definite pageantry going on today when Beyonce took the stage – there were lights and flares, special effects and her massive silhouette – but when it boiled down to it, it was her voice and her dance that did it. The back-up dancers and the band – all women, I might add – they amplified, but they never owned. Destiny’s Child appeared and they enhanced, but they never stole.

Yes, she did mess up at the inauguration a couple of week’s past when she did the ‘ol Ashlee Simpson special (lip-synch) but that’s surely forgotten now? Most certainly.

I need to cook dinner, but just before I begin this relentless task, the all-womenness – wasn’t it fabulous; the all African-American – wasn’t that a brilliant show? Beyonce was joined on stage by only women. I love this. Why not – the talent pool exists, it would have just been predictable to include men. And the key performers were all African-American – Jennifer Hudson singing America The Beautiful and Alicia Keys with the Anthem. Brilliance.

Good luck following it in 2013.



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