Miley thanks the universe

“Rare 2 get a moment to thank the universe for all my blessings in the form of yoga in a place like this.”

Thank you Miley Cyrus, age 20 and real name Destiny Hope, for finding the time in your hectic holiday schedule in Costa Rica, to thank not just the world, but the entire universe, for your blessed existence. Through the language of yoga. On a beach. While posing. With your bather bottoms up your arse. Via Twitter.

Beautiful. Present. Grateful. Skinnier than you.

That’s what she wants you to think. But is it what I think?

I think she’s a fine – harmless, yes – example of the problem with people with too much money, too many enablers, youth – read self-absorption – on their side and a direct channel to communicate with a great many people.

She has 11.2 million followers and 11.2 million people listening to what she has to say. And when she posts her grateful yoga picture to the Twitterverse, there’s no one to tell her she’s being a dick.

I thought her Aussie fiance would know better.

miley thanks universe


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