Swift chases Style

I don’t normally have much to say  type about Taylor Swift. I’m not across her new album ‘Red’ and haven’t really been too fond of any of her songs since Love Story stopped being played on high rotation at the gym. I really could run to that song.

Nevertheless, I have tended to sway the way of writing Swifty off as dull. It’s the mousey hair and the red lipstick; the fringe and the aura of perfection; the country lilt and the age appropriate fashion.

But that was then – Swifty is so very now.

Without googling, I can reel off, in no particular order, Swifty has slayed:

  • One Direction’s Harry Styles
  • Kennedy heir and current high school student, Conor Kennedy – yes, HIGH SCHOOL, she’s 23
  • John Mayer
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • A Jonas Brother, exactly which one is irrelevant
  • Taylor Lautner

She’s starting to get interesting and not least of all because she spent the summer with a high school student, before pissing off every #1D fan the world over when she landed the hottest member of the English boy band.

Today she flew into London. On private jet. Talk is she’s chasing Style for a reconciliation.

Below is a picture of her re-enacting a scene from Dirty Dancing. Her life is a movie set and the plot just keeps getting better.

My fingers are crossed for a fleeting reunion.



One thought on “Swift chases Style

  1. Kelly says:

    Ol’ Squinty Eyes


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