I’ve been bad and a New Year Toe

Yes, it’s been too long between frequent posts. And yes, while I have started a new job (many months past), which has had me busy, I am also happy to admit that I’ve mostly been lazy. And ignorant, too, of the golden rule of blogging: regularity.

So here we are, New Year, new goals and restored effort. Promise.

A happy New Year to you, and to ring it in and kick off at A Crowded Hour, see below for a Mariah C C.T.

While I’d argue, the pic below is unparalleled, Paul would firmly state the honour lies in the Land Of The Cossack. Reportedly, when ¬†travelling in Russia, there was a ‘toe every which way he turned and it actually stopped being funny. I find it hard to believe, particularly when yesterday I observed a half-toe due to dislodgment in denim cut-offs, and enjoyed a small chuckle.

I’m unpleasantly aware of that which sits at the other end of the scale – bum cheeks beneath shorts, most commonly noted on teenage girls. While I haven’t made it to a Music Bowl day fest during the season, where I imagine the cheek is trending, I’ve seen it more than enough on the footpath and tram. Do you think the style of top-shirt-button done-up, prim and proper-esque we’re seeing men in these days, is their attempt at compensation? A touch of the prude, to balance the over-exposure of the teen?

Who knows and I’m exhausted of ‘toe talk. I’ll let ‘M have the last say. (I don’t know whether to applaud or admonish her stylist)

mariahcarey_camel toe


One thought on “I’ve been bad and a New Year Toe

  1. Jake says:

    She just had twins! Although, red spandex doesn’t really look good on anyone, except Spiderman. Glad you’re back on board.


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