What a week

Dame Elisabeth

Royal babies

Lainey Gossip: access denied

Where do I start. From the bottom. This morning for the first time I couldn’t access LaineyGossip.com on my work computer. What the hell? I’m scared. And now, out of touch. 

Babies. I am just loving Will playing the doting husband and visiting his wife. Of course he will visit his wife when she’s in hospital. And feeling poorly. Do you think she still has her hair ends curled while sitting, sweating and unwell in hospital? But because he’s HIM, a HRH, it just seems so much more special. He loves her. Of course he does, but it’s nice to see this act of love. Like when Heath Ledger flicked the lock of hair off Michelle William’s face when she was wearing red lipstick and that divine yellow dress at the Oscars. It was a move which made my heart soar. Wills visiting hospital does too.

Dame Elisabeth. My golly gosh and Germaine. A light has gone out. She has long been an idol of mine… “that wretched son of mine”…. Where does one start and end with Dear Elisabeth. Dame Elisabeth. Benevolent, generous, divine, a gardener, a younger woman married to a much older man, did she ever even like Sarah Murdoch?, the Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Institute, her garden, Cruden Farm, a matriarch.

Had I not the Wee Willies to lift my spirits (and Meredith Music Festival on the horizon) I don’t know I could have risen from bed today.

In the words of my favourite-ever, most beloved character, Cleopatra, with the departing of Dear Elisabeth, “the odds is gone / And there is nothing left remarkable / Beneath the visiting moon”. Dramatic but bloody deserved.



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