When the world turns out of kilter

Last month, in September’s finals days, we passed a milestone.

It wasn’t one which would have stopped many in its tracks, but one that definitely stopped me in mine.

The stopping short was also aided by some images which dotted the ol’ World Wide Web and displayed how different the aftermath has been for two halves of a former equation.

Ashton Kutcher celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary to Demi Moore in a San Diego hot tub. With two women, neither of whom were Demi.

This went down September 2011.

The moment was quickly followed by thinly disguised tweets from Demi venting disappointment and despair, a separation, dramatic weight loss and a series of disasters not stemmed by a Miley Cyrus movie.

Jump forward a year and things aren’t looking much better for Demi, but Ashton has moved well and Mila Kunis on.

For me, this situation is indicative of the world turning out of kilter. It’s indicative of a lack of fair play, or world karma that I’m noting not just in the lives of celebrities, but friends and foes.

For Demi and Ashton they travelled the year to September on very different paths.

My experience of hot tubs, or spa baths as I’ve termed them, proves absolutely nothing good comes from steaming water and few clothes. For Ashton I’m not sure the same could be said.

Sure he was outed as a cheater and his marriage ended.

But also, after towelling off and the expose by his bathing companions, a Twitter apology and the de-Mooring of his life, he moved on to what I’ve read was a $700,000 an episode gig on Two and A Half Men.

He also picked up the title role in the Steve Jobs indie flick and a very hot young thing in Hollywood, Mila Kunis. More on her in a tick.

The year since Ashton’s spa splash misdemeanour, has been one of sharp decline for Demi. It was made obvious by her sharp weight loss, her nang-smoking-trip to rehab, the partying with her children’s friends, the rumoured restraining order put in place by her children and a role in a disaster of a Miley Cyrus movie – which apparently has done well in eastern Europe.

Her ex-husband also had a child with his much younger wife. Who is fertile.

Demi is approaching another anniversary, her 50th birth anniversary.

If her face and body are indicative of anything, she’s clung to youth. It’s mattered to her and she’s shared with the world the evidence to prove just how good she has been at holding back age.

While Demi has had success at the anti-age, so too have her ex-partners, with people who weren’t her. Bruce has married a woman more than 20 years younger, while Ashton has picked up his teen screen companion from That 70s Show, and the not yet 30, Mila Kunis. And professed his love to her all over the streets of New York.

Mila is big Hollywood business right now. Demi Moore doing Miley Cyrus flicks is not.

How did things backfire so?

While Ashton has had a bloody ripper of a year and is batting way above his average, Demi has come off second best.

How did that happen?

How can the person who cheated, who was rewarded in his career, then be rewarded in his Love Game?

Why hasn’t it worked out differently for Demi?

I’ve a soft heart – this may surprise some – and I hurt for those in life who are trudging the struggler street, or for whom the bell has been tolling with bad luck.

I’m not talking every aspect of the day-to-day – because yes Demi may very well have millions, Striptease and a nude and  pregnant magazine cover to her name – just the elements which just don’t seem to let up.

Some people go too long without the benefit of a lucky streak, or stroke of fortune and it baffles me every time.

When does the lucky break arrive? When will Demi win her Oscar?

*Update: Esquire magazine named Mila Kunis the sexiest woman alive in the November issue of the magazine.

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