Advice to a younger self

Hindsight, that word Mrs Bath taught Bo and I to quote in year 12 Australian History, attributed to EH Carr and ‘What Is History’, well, yes he, she and we were right: it’s certainly a wonderful thing.

It is wisdom and also a superior vision and unfortunately too often the events must be lived for the wisdom to be gained and the benefit wrought.

I’ve had a few reasons of late to ponder my life with the rose-coloured frames of hindsight and I have come to a few conclusions.

On a base level, yes, I should have returned home the long weekend of the Queen’s Birthday, maybe I shouldn’t have started that sentence addressed to the GL with ‘The problem with you is‘ (and yes there was a better way to frame it) and I probably didn’t offer the best counsel to a dear friend following the termination of her relationship.

Hindsight, which I have now, would have led me down a different path.

A writer at Fairfax recently explored this idea of offering advice to a younger-yeared self. She jotted down a few pieces of her acquired wisdom and shared it with her audience.

My audience is far smaller but no less fabulous, and I feel cause to share a few of my learnings thanks to the benefit of hindsight.

Here ’tis, my advice to a younger ACH-self:

  • Surf branded clothes are a waste of (your mother’s) money
  • Don’t behave outside your values
  • Your parents really do have your best interests at heart
  • Most things just take practice
  • Take care of your belongings and they will last longer
  • An ability to save money will stand you in great stead
  • Don’t get angry
  • Be spontaneous but don’t be stupid
  • Don’t accept behaviour less than that which you deserve just for the sake of having something or someone
  • Be yourself, you are far more interesting that way
  • Keep reading
  • Learn how to work when you’re young, it’s of great value
  • If you don’t trust your own judgment, ask someone who has judgment you trust
  • You are impetuous, take a breath
  • You will never like animals, don’t feel bad
  • You’re doing a fabulous job


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