A long mile has been walked in Victoria’s shoes

Gurrl’s come a long way.

Victoria Beckham has stepped a long road to her current fashion superstardom. It’s been a real about-face – yes, we won’t forget the matching leathers, the blonde extensions, the trucker cap and boobs.

She’s made it though and the picture below proves exactly this. Absolutely beautiful. She deserves a soft pat on the back, lest she fall forward from its force and snap a radius. Or ulna. (What an absurd word)

A quick here’s why:

  • Hair – natural(ish); the loose and messy looks works; I like it at the front and the fish braid, it takes me back to a youth ‘do my mum never could do – what a shame; the length it’s good and the colour rich, flattering
  • Eyes – framed well by well-arched brows; slightly smokey, yet still daytime appropriate
  • Nose – jaunty
  • Lip colour – perfect hue; well-matched to dress
  • Tan – dare I say, she’s nailed it?
  • Dress – fab colour, flattering neckline and her assets, it favours
  • Breasts – perfect size; while, yes, they are a little on the polished side (Marveer, maybe?), the tease of cleave I think David will agree, is very alluring
  • Waistline – gripping; well accentuated by dress
  • The scenery – perfect; what a jaunty, jaunty brow
In the words of Maid Marian in the Kevin Costner, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves classic, “well done, well done”.


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