Propose: a rethink on tradition

Today, the oft-skipped 29th day of February, is apparently a day set aside for female proposals.

No surprise here: I’d never heard this before.

Apparently a St Bridget complained to a St Patrick about women having to wait so long for men to propose. St P, feeling sympathetic, decided a day was in order and he assigned it to one which only pops up every other, other, other, other year.

A variation of this I learned last night. I was reminded of it again thanks to a Herald Sun article this morning.

We live in a weirdly wonderful world. We wander through traditions, plucking those we like, ignoring others and  clinging to some which seem to fly in the face of the way we live our lives.

Women still wear white, or a shade close to, at their wedding – actually they still wear wedding dresses when they no longer have church weddings, or priests ordaining and flower girls flowering.

People live together before marriage, buy homes and decorate them, but still set aside lists and expectations for presents at engagement and wedding.

Women will be financially independent of their partner, share a life together and one completely separate, but they’ll wait for a proposal to come from the ‘he’ within the relationship. And then, when this moment has passed, adorn their finger with a ring which symbolises being ‘taken’ and in a sense ‘belonging to someone else.

Last night I scoffed when I heard about the female proposal day. I think I said how ridiculous and then, sarcastically, look out, another one is headed your way….*

It is ridiculous, but so many traditions are ridiculous (particularly those around weddings)and it seems to me, we’ve set up a weird paradigm where some will stay and some will go.

So that’s that. Females planning to propose, don’t do so today, save it for tomorrow, please.

* I’ve proposed at least five times since late last year – I believe it’s been twice in Port Melbourne, once in New York, once on a Melbourne street… maybe it’s only four. I don’t want to get married. I’m teasing. If he said yes, I’d take it back.


3 thoughts on “Propose: a rethink on tradition

  1. Scott says:

    of course i read it


  2. Rudi Zarzoff says:

    Does your GL read this blog?


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